Top Tips for Learning Spanish in Mexico

If you’re spending any time in Mexico, learning Spanish is always top of mind. But the big question is, “Where do you start?” This article will give you 4 top tips to start learning Spanish as an expat in Mexico.

If you are like most new language learners, you will probably download a Spanish app like Duolingo or do a quick google search for “Beginner Spanish Lessons” or “How to learn Spanish” that brings up a never-ending list of websites, videos, Spanish courses, and a huge list of apps.

After a few months of working diligently on your Duolingo app, you realize that you have learned some new words but when you are out in the real world, you are still unable to handle even the most basic of situations in Spanish. You can’t understand what people are saying and when it’s your time to speak, you completely freeze up.

Which leaves you wondering…”Am I learning Spanish in the right way?”

In this article, I’ll explain the 4 top tips (or mistakes to avoid) to help new. inexperienced language learners get started on the right foot on your journey to learn Spanish!